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 The Site Rules

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PostSubject: The Site Rules   The Site Rules Icon_minitime27/03/15, 02:45 am

The Website rules are pretty simple:

1.) Offensive Language, Pictures, Video, etc.: Consider the company, and be considerate. Whether it be a post, a picture, a link to a video, or what have you, we ask that all members show each other respect and courtesy.

-----1A.) While we allow the depiction of graphic scenes such as torture or excessive violence content in-roleplay and in-chat, this is TEXT ONLY. No pictures, video, or other media of such things is to be posted under any circumstances.

2.) Do NOT spam: Pretty obvious. Don't spam the chat-box or forums. If a member asks you to stop, kindly do so.

3.) Every member has the right to ask that a role-play post be explained to them if they do not understand it. The moderators of the forum which the RP falls under, as well as the moderators and admins of the site, have the right to ask you to change it if there is a problem with it, whether it be because it doesn't make sense, or because of something pertaining to rule 1 and its sub-rule.

-----3A.) The same goes for Characters posted. The moderators of the forum have the right to accept or deny characters into their RP. For example, member A makes a character for an RP which member B is a moderator of. Member B has the right to accept or reject that character in that RP.

4.) Mods and Admins retain the ability to deal with and break up fights in the chatbox as they see necessary. Action taken must be appropriate and proportionate to the situation at hand, judged case-by-case.

5.) No loopholes. Any loophole you try to exploit simply will not fly.

6.) If a Moderator or Admin tells you to do something that does not break the rules, do it.

7.) It is at an admin/moderators’ discretion to issue:
-Temporary Bans
-Permanent Bans
-Chat Kicks

-----7A.) A warning must be issued before a Kick or a Ban.

-----7B.) All members have the right to appeal a kick or ban.

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The Site Rules
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